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Book reviews

Don’t Take Our Word For It

S. Clark

Practitioners book

Incredible read and so enlightening!

A must-read for anyone in early years wanting to do the very best for the children in their care. Chris writes from experience of doing the actual work each and every day so she really knows this works!!

S. Houghton

Practitioners book

I totally got this approach geared at young children as soon as I began to read Chris's book. Work with the child rather than what we adults think the child needs. I can see how this holistic approach would make a profound difference on every level to a person and only wish I had the knowledge about this for when my son was little. Loved the many examples shared throughout the book and the easy-to-grasp style it was written in.

F. Gardiner

Parents Guide

Wow, just wow, it’s like all my thoughts and fears about the world and the impacts of our youngest generation have been written in the most spectacular way!

The school readiness is described perfectly, so much so that I feel like it needs to be stuck on a leaflet and put in every bounty pack for new parents and given to every early years practitioner and the dreaded O because the fact of the matter is life skills are school readiness.

There isn’t an aspect of play that’s been missed, the good, the bad, and the ugly, and how less in play is more. Not only is this a parents guide this should be a practitioner's guide, a grandparent's guide, or anyone who is in the life of a young child.

A. Harries

Practitioner book

A “must-have”  for anyone working in or studying Early Years.
This book had me hooked from the first page.
As an Early Years practitioner, I was absolutely inspired by this book to implement a different approach to the way children learn .... this book shows how we can allow our children to be children yet still learn.
Brilliantly written by the author who has immense experience in this field

L. Mould

Practitioners book

I don't very often read, but I found this book hard to put down! It had me interested from the first page and I completely zoned in....before I knew it I was half way through! A great book full of useful information and true stories that you can tell are really told from the heart! An amazing find!

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