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We all want children to be able to play more, and with this brand-new approach to early years, you will learn how to bring a quality play to your setting and home environment whilst ensuring children are learning

Using this approach, you will help prepare children for whole life rather than just school.

Chris Watkins; Early Years Professional, Parent, Academic.

Playful dreamer


Why play?

Children are inherently born with the desire to play, you can not force a child to play- it is completely natural to each child.

This page hopes to help parents, practitioners, homeschoolers, and anyone with an interest in childhood development; but also wants to see what play can offer young children. 

Playwork Inspired Learning plants play at the focal point of learning to encourage children to develop holistically and when the child is ready. Play is play and learning (adult based), is learning. Instead of working to outcomes and desires, giving children the opportunity to drive their own learning, they learn faster and develop their sense of self without expectation. There are no mistakes in play, just opportunities for the child to learn something new.

This group is where parents can ask questions they wouldn't dream of asking anywhere else and practitioners to realize and develop their incredible work with the youngest generation.

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